17 Cute and Gorgeous Pixie Haircut Ideas


Best Long Pixie Hairstyles

The Pixie Cut is a short hairstyle that is known to be short on the sides and back, but a bit longer on the top. Today we are targeting longer Pixie cuts, I am a hundred percent sure that this amazingly beautiful hairstyle will merely fit any lady looking to look gorgeous with an elegant and straightforward haircut.

1Layered Long Pixie Haircut:

The Layered Long Pixie Haircut is most times with the layered looks. This lengthy but short hairstyle is also appropriate for thin hair as well as other types of hair. It’s adorable and perfect for any shape of a head, and you could wear this awesome haircut to weddings, parties, church and any other occasion, it fits with almost every dress.

2Long Pixie Bob with Side Bangs:

The side Bangs of this awesome haircut is simply amazing, and it’s sure to fit a lot of ladies, I personally think it is a good idea to try it out as it looks so good on this model and perfect for my sister’s upcoming wedding day. The Long Pixie Bob With Side Bangs are not difficult to make, but you indeed require the supervision of another person (preferably an expert hair stylist) so to get accurate results.

3Layered Pixie with Bangs:

Here’s another excellent Pixie with Bangs, the Layered Pixie With Bangs will be the perfect hairstyle for any lady and any hair. See the way it exposes the hidden beauty of this model. I strongly feel you should give it a shot.

4Side Parted Pixie Bob:

The Side Parted Pixie-Bob is sure to bring out some youthfulness and innocence to your face; it will go very well with a wedding ceremony, church, anniversaries, etc. I actually love this and wouldn’t mind to try it out.

5Long Textured Pixie Haircut:

The Long Textured Pixie Hairstyle has been in the hair industry for a while now and has also done a magnificent job in bringing out the cuteness and uniqueness in the face of every single lady that rocked it. I myself am wearing this haircut as we speak and I get loads of compliments as a result.

6Short Blonde Hairstyle:

The short blonde hairstyle is just so beautiful and will perfectly match any color of skin that rocks it. I love the color especially, and the model used for the representation is just so cute, I guess it’s because of the sweet haircut.

7Short Asymmetrical Blode Haircut:

The short asymmetrical blonde haircut will be the seventh on our fantastic collection today and still is a perfect choice for you to choose, it will bring out the magnificent beauty that is in your and also fit almost any outfit.

8Long Pixie with Undercut:

The Long Pixie With Undercut is just so lovely and a perfect fit for ladies that want to get noticed by all the boys and guys around, it simply makes its wearer appear a lot more cuter than before.

9Pixie Bob Hairstyle:

This color can never go wrong, and it’s just amazing on this model, The Pixie-Bob Hairstyle is sure to beautify any lady irrespective of her skin color or hair type, only ensure that it is done by an expert.

10Gray Long Pixie Haircut:

Exhilarating it’s it? The Gray Long Pixie Haircut is one elaborate hairdo which could be worn by any lady who wants to look dope, classy and like a Rockstar. Its color ensures that it matches all outfits and occasions.

11Long Ash Blonde Pixie:

The Long Ashley Blonde Pixie can never go wrong, all you need to do is use the service of an expert to get the appropriate and precise details of the hairstyle, thereby obtaining the million dollar look that is certain to draw all attention to you. I hope you can handle that?

12Blonde Balayage Pixie Bob:

The Blonde Balayage Pixie-Bob is just too good to be true, I mean all these pixies are beautiful, but this particular hairstyle takes the lead. It just made her look so beautiful, and the nose ring isn’t a bad idea too. I’m going to get mine done now.

13Short Layered Bob with Bangs:

Look cute, feminine and really amazing with the Short Layered Bob with Bangs. This hairdo is adorable and not a bad idea at all; you should make sure it is done by an expert.

14Asymmetrical Long Pixie:

The Asymmetrical Long Pixie is just so lovely and has this pop culture touch which makes the wearer look like a rock star; I recommend you dye it gray or something different from your natural hair, and let it match your outfit. You are sure to love it o promise.

15Long Edgy Pixie:

The Long Edgy Pixie is an amazing hairdo that has been known to make its wearer’s appearance look a lot more appealing and very attractive to the opposite sex. Incorporate this beautiful hairstyle to appropriate colors and outfits, tell your fashion friends to help you with that decision.

16Straight Pixie Cut:

The straight Pixie Cut is a simple and cute hairdo that is sure to bring out the hidden beauty of any woman, making irrespective of her age, skin color, hair type, etc. You should try this hairstyle for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. You cannot regret it.

17Long Tousled Pixie:

Ensure a unique, cute and controversial haircut with the Long Tousled Pixie; this here is my pick, I mean it will look awesome on me, especially when I dye it blonde. I can’t wait to get this done.