16 Gorgeous Looking Pixie Hairstyle Ideas


Awesome Looking Pixie Haircut Ideas

The Pixie Hairstyle is a short hairstyle that is generally short on the sides and the back but usually a bit lengthier on the top. The Pixie Hairstyles were first made famous in the 1950s, Audrey Hepburn rocked it in her debut movie the Roman Holiday, and later on by actress Farrow Mia also the supermodel Twiggy and many others wore the great hairdo which made it very popular and loved by ladies around the world. Furthermore, depending on the style, pixies will range from as short as half of an inch in some areas and two to three inches long in other areas. The Pixie is very easy to maintain and could be worn casually and for most occasions when dressed appropriately as a result of its simplicity. On this article, we are going to be listing and discussing 16 gorgeous looking Pixie Hairstyle Ideas as you read on.

1Perfect Silver Pixie:

This fantastic hairdo says simple, classy, vintage, bold and beautiful; it is the idle hairdo for round headed ladies, the gray colors make it look perfect for white skin. Straightforward and elegant, perfect for your wedding day.

2Mixed Length Pixie Cut:

You should get a professional hair stylist for this particular hairdo; it is more complicated to achieve than it looks, but will ensure the perfect fit for you on your wedding day.

3Edgy Chopped Pixie:

The blonde color of this great hairdo makes it perfect, I like the difference in the length and the nicely trimmed edges of this hairstyle, it’s just perfect, and I’m getting it done right away.

4Side Parted Pixie:

The side-parted Pixie is classy, simple and absolutely beautiful. It’s an easy way to shake up any number of classic wedding hairdos.

5Elegant Blonde Pixie:

The elegant blonde Pixie is just another perfect hairstyle, the blonde color, and the top trims will ensure a grand appearance for the wearer.

6Asymmetrical Pixie with Blue Hue:

The choice of colors and the expert trims and cuts just make this hairstyle fabulously impressive and non-complex, all these beautiful hairstyles are giving me a had time choosing the perfect one for my sister’s wedding.

7Messy Blonde Pixie:

The Messy Blonde Pixie is multi-colored and roughly cut but has this magnificent look and makes the wearer look somewhat dope and elegant at the same time.

8Katy Perry Styled Pixie:

Katy Perry is known to rock this amazing hairdo, it’s simply amazing, looks simple and its blonde color could be changed to whichever color suits your skin.

9Deep Side Part Pixie:

The deep side part Pixie is gorgeous and equally straightforward and comfortable, it gives this feminine look to its wearer and ensures her elegance and comfort.

10Michelle Williams Styled Pixie Cut:

The Michelle Williams Styled Pixie is known to be rocked by the celebrity, and for a good reason too, the hairdo is just fantastic and is a perfect match for all head shapes.

11Simple & Elegant Style:

This hairdo as the name implies is simple and absolutely elegant, check out the way the hairstylist tried the edges of the front hair to make it appear neat and simply magnificent.

12Short Layered Pixie:

The short layered Pixie is somewhat complex, and I’ll recommend you hire an expert to help you with this amazingly beautiful hairstyle. I love the colors on this particular hairdo simply amazing.

13Emma Watson’s Stylish Pixie:

This hairstyle is known to be rocked by the famous Emma Watson and has this effortless and elegant look.

14Spiky Styled Pixie:

The spiky styled Pixie looks very ravishing and is very easy to do; the mixed colors makes it match with most outfits. The spiky design also is magnificent and just stunning.

15Stylish Choppy Pixie:

Introducing the Stylish Choppy Pixie absolutely stunning and unique, this is actually the first time I have seen this hairstyle look so great, and it has that versatile look, you could wear it to your wedding, office or even the club. It just looks perfect.

16Glossy Short Layered Pixie:

Just like the previously discussed Short Layered Pixie, this is another fabulous hairstyle for any lady, irrespective of the shape of your head or your skin color; the Glossy Short layered Pixie will match most outfits.